Crushed concrete is a product that can be used on a variety of construction projects. It is a budget friendly material that does not impact the environment or your wallet. We here at Precision Materials source our crushed concrete locally and strive to always have an availability of product. Get in touch with us today to begin your order!

Types Of Crushed Concrete Available

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Crushed Concrete

What is Crushed Concrete?

Crushed concrete is a product that consists of used concrete that was once sidewalks, foundation slabs, or other concrete building products. This is processed together to create a finished product that is ready to be repurposed for a new construction project. All foreign debris and metal is removed from the final product to ensure it is ready for its new use. This is an economical option that is perfect as an alternative to other stone products that could be used on construction projects.

This versatile product can be used for a variety of projects you may find yourself completing from aesthetics to providing a base to work with. Some examples for what crushed concrete can be used for are walkways, drainage, driveway base as well as many other options. See what customers are saying and check out our reviews on Google!


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