Dirt is one of the most important products when it comes to landscaping or building projects. As the source for top soil supply New Port Richey, FL recommends, we are proud to source our dirt locally within Florida that is free of any foreign debris. We also carry organic topsoil for those customers of ours who prefer that option. Be sure to check out our availability to ensure that we have what your are looking for in stock.

Types Of Dirt Available

Fill Dirt

Clean Fill Dirt



Beach/Mason Sand

What Can Dirt Be Used For?

Topsoil is used as the top layer of dirt that is typically rich in nutrients. This provides benefits to landscaping as well as aiding in the growth of surrounding plants. We are proud to carry organic topsoil that is perfect for fulfilling growth. We also provide potting soil for landscaping or garden purposes. This as well as our our play sand that can be used for a variety of purposes around your property. We’ve got the materials needed to create a beautiful landscape yard New Port Richey, FL residents can be proud of.

We also carry fill dirt which is an economical option for constructions projects. This is perfect for use when it comes to grading property to prepare it for landscaping or building projects on your property. This product is typically tan or a light brown as it is a combination of crushed rock, clay, and sand. Curious about what our customers are saying about our dirt and soil options? Check out our Google reviews!


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