#57 This is perfect for paver base when it comes to sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and roads. #57 means the size of the screen that is used for when separating this rock. These are typically the size of nickels and quarters and can consist of a variety of different types of rock. We also offer River Rock as a decorative stone. Reach out to our office on the availability of this specific product.

Type Of Rock Available

#57 Paver Base

What is Rock used For?

Rock can be used for a variety of construction or landscaping needs. Whether it be providing a base for road construction or controlling erosion on your property. We currently carry #57 paver base which is preferred for the road or driveway construction. There can be other uses as well such as decorative needs or it is also suitable for drainage.

Your landscaper or our team will be able to tell you whether or not that the rock we carry is suitable for your project. We are looking to carry a wider variety of rock for our customers. Stay tuned to see what we will be offering our customers soon. Be sure to check out our online Google reviews to see what our customers are saying about the quality of our rock.


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