Shells are a decorative alternative to mulch or laying grass to have along walkways or driveways. Our shell comes crushed and are ready to be spread out on commercial or residential properties. Shells also contain calcium which gets released into the soil as it breaks down which helps promote the growth of surrounding plants. This is a suitable alternative to those who sometimes will spread mulch.

Types Of Shell Available

Crushed Shell

What Is Shell Used For?

Plenty of local locations in Florida feature shell as a decorative landscaping locations such as Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, or New Port Richey. A manageable, decorative option that blends in well with existing fauna that may be placed around the property. This can be used for surrounding walkways or driveways when evenly spread around stepping stones or slabs. 

Our shells primarily are from scallops, oysters, clams, and snail. This provides a variety of colors that contrast nicely against one another and have different breaking points that will provide a unique appearance as time goes on. As time goes on expect the shells to get washed out by the sun as they began to whiten in appearance.

Curious for ideas on how to best display decorative stone? Check out our reviews on Google to get an idea from those who shared images of their landscaping projects from across Tampa Bay!


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